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Sæplast DP40R Pallet

Sæplast DP40R Pallet Sæplast DP40R Pallet
  • Sæplast DP40R Pallet Sæplast DP40R Pallet
  • Sæplast DP40R Pallet Sæplast DP40R Pallet

Optimal for temperature retention

Optimal for durability and strength

Outer Dimensions (inches)Inner Dimensions (inches)
L48 inch / 121.9 cmNA
W40 inch / 101.6 cmNA
H6.7 inch / 17 cmNA
H w/lid48 inch / 121.9 cmNA
Weight21.7 kg / 48 lbs. Weight of lid lbs. VolumeNA gallons
Product nr.: DP40R
Priceincl. tax

Product description

The Sæplast DP40R pallet is tough and long-lasting designed with a 1/2" lip for ease of use with cardboard boxes. It is crafted from durable, hard-wearing polyethylene. Sæplast pallets are the ideal solution for withstanding harsh conditions, rough handling, extremes of temperature and frequent wash-down sessions. It is particularly well suited for use on the processing floor of meat, poultry and fish plants and for intra-plant transportation. Temperature tolerances range from -30°C to +60°C.

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More details

We want to help minimize transport costs for our customers. The Sæplast team recommends comparing the optimal shipping quantities in the table. The figures are based on a full container load. Keep in mind that minor variations can occur due to different stacking techniques. 

The weight load of pallets varies immensely depending upon environment, type of load, and distribution of the weight. Please consult your Sæplast sales representative for more information.

Type Qty
20' Foot container  143
40' Foot container  297
40' HC container  316
53' Foot HC Truck  510
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