About Sæplast


Sæplast's roots can be traced back to Dalvik, a colourful fishing village in Northern Iceland.  Sæplast was founded in 1984, driven by demand from the Icelandic seafood community. As a response to local requirements, the Sæplast team developed double-walled insulated plastic tubs to extend the quality lifetime of fish.

Overlooking the local harbour and the deep fjord of Eyjafjörður, the Sæplast team constructed a product that revolutionized the handling of seafood and improved the safety of the fishermen.




Sæplast purchased the Dyno Plastics division in 1999 and gained control of the Dyno Plastics Canada plant in NB Atlantic Canada. The Canadian production unit has a long history of manufacturing insulated containers dating back to the 1980's.

Now, 16 years later, Sæplast is still manufacturing in the same location together with the same local expertise. Being a part of a larger group with like plants in Dalvik & Spain has provided all Sæplast plants with great synergies and best practice methods. Sæplast is the true world leader in providing the best quality insulated containers and you can't go wrong.


For over 30 years our engineers and designers have worked hard to make sure that Sæplast tubs meet the toughest demands from our wide range of customers. We constantly strive to improve the design of our tubs for better handling and increased safety.

Since our humble beginnings Sæplast has maintained its reputation of high quality and reliability. Our vast range of Sæplast quality products are your passport for a safe journey.

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