Care for Your Catch

D345 crateQuality can be maintained– don’t lose it!

Protecting your investment in market lobster. Quality starts at the point of harvest, as soon as the lobster is taken out of the water. To maximize the quality, we need to stabilize and reduce the stress as soon as possible with the utmost care. By reducing handling and stress, one can minimize damage to lobster, keeping them as healthy as possible for their journey to our plates. A healthy lobster has maximum value.

The Sæplast PUR on board handling containers offer a unique solution for the storage, handling and transportation of live lobster especially when used in conjunction with the 70 litre tote pans and the LogTek Lobster Crate. This provides an innovative solution that minimizes handling and promotes higher value, customer satisfaction and better marketability for your lobster.

Reducing Stress is a Key to Success. As your live catch is so valuable, it must be treated in such a way to eliminate any excess stress. Stress = mortalities = loss of quality and loss of revenue. By putting your lobster into crates or tote pans, and then into one of the Sæplast PUR containers, you can be assured the lobster will calm down as quickly and quietly as possible thus saving their energy for their journey to our plates!