SÆPLAST® AMERICAS INC. – Total Peace of Mind with New PE Meat Buggy

Saint John, New Brunswick Canada (Date September 20, 2021) Saeplast® is pleased to announce that we have grown our polyethylene PE buggy family by launching the Saeplast PE MS300 Buggy.

To add onto the present Saeplast PE MS200 buggy, the new Saeplast PE MS300 is a taller version capable of holding up to 600 lbs. of product as opposed to the 400 lbs. limit for the Saeplast PE MS200.

To maximize the value of your finished goods you need to ensure that your food products are fresh and safe. Sæplast has designed the most rugged, food safe, lightweight, silent and employee-friendly plastic buggy for your processing floor.

The Sæplast PE MS300 Buggy is built to withstand the harsh conditions and rough handling in all processing plants. The robust Sæplast PE MS300 features a proven triple-wall polyethylene construction. The sturdy undercarriage has hard-wearing nylon wheels with polyurethane tread while the stainless-steel lifting brackets are integrated to facilitate thorough cleaning. These features all assist to benefit the safety of all workers.

The triple-wall polyethylene PE MS300 buggy will absorb noise whereas its counterpart in stainless steel creates the usual noise pollution. The sound level during dumping is diminished by 17 db. Even the noise produced during rolling is minimized.

With the capability of using different colors, plants can color code buggies to specific areas of the plant. Furthermore, with the use of the reusable polyethylene lid, product inside the MS300 buggy can be assured to be food safe.

The Sæplast PE Buggy is ideally suited for the handling of wet and dry products with a working capacity of 291 L with the capability of holding of 600 lbs. of product. The low weight allows for easy handling. The pointed slope directs the outflow of dumping in the desired direction.

To find out more about Saeplast, the trusted innovator of plastic material handling solutions to the seafood industry, please see our latest product offerings at https://americas.saeplast.com/



Mike Kilpatrick

Sæplast Americas Inc., Business Development Manager