Saeplast Longevity - Swimming Rock Fish Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern,


I am a South Carolina fish and shrimp farmer and retired Federal Fisheries Biologist. I first purchased my Traystore and Dyno boxes...precursors to Sæ 1994. Both those units are still in use today on my (fish) farm.


Before I semi-retired from farming, I had an additional five of the Sæplast model D337 boxes with the split lids in use delivering live bait to tackle shops and live food fish to local white tablecloth restaurants.


All these units are still in use today by their new owners. Resale of these units was incredibly easy, quick and, in more than one instance, profitable...having resold them for more than the original purchase price after years of service! Such is the quality if construction and longevity of materials.


In my new, out of country, off-shore fish farming endeavor, I have convinced my partners to purchase at least eight of these D337 units... All I've had to do is replace the "bungee" straps every few years.


Thought you might like to know.


Rick Eager

Swimming RockFish and Shrimp Farm

6989 Toogoodoo Rd. Meggett South Carolina