Saeplast Adds to the PE Family - Introducing the PE 750

Sæplast is introducing a third size into one to its top-selling reusable plastic container ranges for food processing. The new Sæplast PE 750 will be launched at the IPPE show in Atlanta, GA January 31-February 2, 2017.


The Sæplast PE 750 container has been designed with the Poultry Processing Industry in mind and it offers a more practical and user-friendly alternative to corrugated cardboard options.


The ability for reuse of the container falls in line with landfill divergent efforts many companies are focusing on today. Plus, Being of a smooth wall one piece construction, food safety is assured. Therefore, the Sæplast PE 750 is ideal for supply chain handling in the poultry and meat industries.


The new 750 size container sits between the 630 and 875 sizes to offer customers additional choice and flexibility in food transportation and storage. It is available in a variety of color offerings along with optional drain holes, optional lid and can be personalized with company logos. The container can incorporate tracking options such as bar code, QR code or RFID technology.


The unique ergonomic ‘closed cell core’ design does not absorb liquid and prevents the growth of harmful bacterial growth to deliver highly effective hygiene control. The one piece construction avoids easily-broken joints or the creation of hard-to-access crevasses to ensure easy cleaning and sanitization. As a result the container is able to be used in the toughest of working environments.


Sæplast PE is your passport to a food safe journey for your food.