The revolution in the handling of both wet and dry goods in food production environments is celebrating its tenth anniversary. The introduction of the Sæplast Buggy B200 PE at the beginning of 2010 offered a variety of user-friendly and health & safety benefits that provided a step change from the traditional stainless steel versions that had dominated the market up until then. Its light weight yet strong triple walled PE construction is able to withstand the harshest conditions and rough handling in food processing, while the sturdy undercarriage, nylon wheels, stainless-steel axles and ergonomic handles have been designed for easy manoeuvrability and handling. In addition, the Sæplast buggy provides valuable noise reduction benefits compared to its stainless steel equivalent. Its ability to absorb noise means sound levels during dumping are diminished by 17dB and the noise produced during rolling is negligible. The Sæplast B200 PE features an easy-to-clean design and meets the highest hygiene standards, including DIN 9797.  User-friendly features include a pointed slope that directs the dumping outflow in the desired direction. It can be specified with a lid, stainless steel dumping brackets and a removable smart handle. The buggy is available in a range of colours, enabling companies to have dedicated buggies for different products or to operate in different parts of the factory.