Sæplast DWS352


Sæplast has added a new model to its patented wet storage container system for harvesting, purging, and storing live oysters, clams and mussels.

The Sæplast DWS352 liter multi-purpose wet storage container is ideal for the storage and purification of live oysters, clams & mussels. An even flow of water is maintained resulting in the perfect oxygenation of each individual shellfish.

This new concept is multi-functional and is a complete system that includes specific features that have been designed with the North American market in mind. This Saeplast solution offers lifting handles on a 48” x 48” footprint polyethylene container that allows for the container to be used for harvesting on the water, transporting to the plant and within the plant for purging – all in one container system. The optional lid is an add-on that will be helpful for winter transport from wharf to the plant.

Features and Benefits: - 48” x 48” North American Footprint - Four lifting handles on the corners of the box - Insulated container and lid to assist in temperature control for storing and transport - Integrated water channels - no need for any external pipe or drain connections - A patented water circulation system designed to achieve maximum flow and water renewal - An integrated grid waste separator - Equally at home in both closed and open-circuit systems - Modular and easy to stack - Wear pads installed to the bottom of the container allows containers to be moved easier with less effort.

Like all Sæplast containers the DWS352 can be personalized with customer logos and specified with a variety of tracking options including barcodes, QR codes and RFID tags.

Contact: Mike Kilpatrick Sæplast, Business Development Manager Mike.kilpatrick@saeplast.com 506-636-7363 # # #